Data Science for Good

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Learn data science techniques applied to solve complex community-based questions around human trafficking.

The winning teams will share their processes, insights, and solutions from the ATLytiCS hack-a-thon, Data for Hope 2019. Their presentations will provide terminology around human trafficking, data availability, and the use of professional skills to inform agencies, nonprofits, and the general populace to ultimately fuel and enable efforts to fight human trafficking.

The Coca Cola Company Headquarters

452 Luckie St NW
Atlanta, GA 30313

Expert Panel

Raji Balasubramaniyan, PhD

Leader of First Place Team

Haley Bobo

Leader of Second Place Team

Ying Shen

Leader of the Honorable Mention Team


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The Coca Cola Company Headquarters | 452 Luckie St NW | Atlanta, GA 30313 |

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