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In this episode of TAG Data Talk, we talk with Jordan Morrow, Global Head of Data Literacy at Qlik about Advancing Data Literacy.

  • What is data literacy
  • Why is data literacy important, what is the value of becoming data literate
  • What are some methods to help us become more data literate
  • How do we overcome possible barriers are challenges toward data literacy

In this episode of TAG Data Talk, we talk with Mo Chaara, Enterprise Director of Advanced Analytics at UPS, about organizing and developing successful data science function

  • What do we mean by data science as a function (does this include BI)
  • How do you determine the right organizational design
  • What are the resistance points and barriers to setting up the ‘best’ design
  • What are the measures of success – how do you know the design works


In this episode of TAG Data Talk, we talk with Piyanka Jain, Author of “Behind Every Good Decision” and President and CEO of Aryng, about framing business problems for analytics.

  • Why is Framing Needed
  • Current Framing Practices
  • Ways to Improve the Framing Process

In this episode of TAG Data Talk, we talk with Elvis Dieguez, the Head of Analytics at Amazon.com about effectively communicating analytics results.

  • Current Challenges with Communicating Results
  • Differences between Data Scientists and the Business
  • Solutions for Better Communication of Analytics Results

In this episode of TAG Data Talk, we talk with Chris Benson about the digital transformation & the AI revolution.

  • What is Digital Transformation and how has it changed in recent years
  • What are the new A.I. technologies disrupting this space
  • How does one coordinate these technologies to drive his or her business function
  • What do we mean by adopting a start-up culture and how can we convince leaders of this critical mentality

In this episode of TAG Data Talk, we talk with Mark Tabladillo, for Microsoft Services – Data and Artificial Intelligence, about making analytics actionable.

  • What do we mean by analytics
  • Describe the analytics process and players
  • How do we know when analytics are actionable
  • What are the barriers and how do we overcome them
  • Final piece of advice for analytics professionals wanting to make their analytics actionable.

In this episode of TAG Data Talk, we talk with Roger Ares, SVP, Marketing Analytics & Client Insights at SunTrust.

In this episode, Roger discusses:

  • What is customer centricity and why is it important?
  • How can marketing analytics build, encourage, and drive a customer centric mindset and culture?
  • What are barriers for using analytics to drive customer centricity, and how can companies overcome them?

In the first episode of TAG Data Talk, we talk with Oliver Vagner, General Manager of Consumer Experience and Engagement at NCR, about creating a Data-Inspired culture.

In this episode, Oliver discusses: 

  • What is a data inspired culture?
  • Why is a data culture important?
  • How to know when you’re making progress. 
  • Advice for developing a data inspired culture.



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